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Jewelry and watches are accessories that every man and woman should have a collection of too suit the many occasions where they can be worn. A collection of jewelry is allows a woman to stand out from the crowd, whether it as at work, at a cocktail party or just an evening out with friends. The same goes for watches for both men and women. A collection of watches means that a conservative watch is ideal for work and business, a slightly more exotically designed watch for evenings out and functional watches for outdoor activities. Having a collection doesn’t mean that a fortune has to be spent. There are many available, cost-effective options for building up a selection of jewelry pieces and sets and watches that will still allow you to feel distinct and distinguished.

Shopping for jewelry and watches can at sometimes feel like a chore. There are so many jewelry stores and watch shops that sell particular brands and collections of jewelry and watches and when going out to buy jewelry or watches one has to go from shop to shop just to see what options are out there and make sure you are covering as many of the designs and brands out there. Most typical jewelry and watch stores only carry the new lines whether they are the new seasonal line or limited edition lines. Given the changes in rapid changes in fashion that jewelry and watches now also follow and trend, you may simply not like what is available and what you see.

Fortunately there are alternatives to the typical jewelry and watch stores which will cover all your likely desires and tastes and will eliminate the chore like effort of trawling your local mall just to see what is out there. There are shops out there that have identified the timeless style and aesthetic qualities that jewelry and watches do in fact have. These stores have adopted a strategy of collecting jewelry and watches from this year’s fashions to the classics from last year, and many years before that. All of these styles, trends and classics are often available under one roof in one store meaning that you only have the one shop to visit with some of the widest choices of jewelry and watches available.

One such store is Ed Marshall Jewelers in Scottsdale, Arizona. Ed Marshall Jewelers is a stockiest of some of the finest new and previously owned jewelry and watches both in the state and the country. Founded in 1971, Ed Marshall Jewelers developed a taste for the discerning, the unique, the rare and the stylish across all ranges of jewelry and watches. Today you can walk into the store and find pieces of jewelry from yesteryear and todays new designer lines. Right now you can walk into the store and purchase a Faberge necklace. Similarly, with watches, Ed Marshall Jewelers stocks brand new lines from some of the most sort after watchmakers of today alongside some of the rarest timepieces from the classic watchmakers. Perhaps you are looking for one of the only 18 Ulysse Nardin Anchor Tourbillon watches ever made. Whatever your jewelry or watch desires, Ed Marshall Jewelers is the place to shop. Any you won’t have to shop anywhere else for your jewelry or watches.

The strategy that has made Ed Marshall Jewelers the jewelry store in Scottsdale and arguably in Arizona is to ensure their stock represents all possible tastes and desires. They do this through providing the newest lines from some of the most desirable brands today as well as buying jewelry from the general public who are looking to trade in their jewelry. For example Ed Marshall carries the exclusive lines from Nanis Italian Jewels. Nanis Italian Jewels was founded in Trissino, Italy in 1991 and has since become one of the most sort after jewelry brands across the globe and worn by celebrities at a number of red carpet events. Ed Marshall Jewelers is also stockists of the new lines from the Greek designer Konstantino. He designs timeless and universal jewelry that crosses the boundaries of ancient history to modern civilization.

But perhaps it is not the latest lines and trends that you are after and are looking for a piece or set of jewelry with history to it. Thousands of Ed Marshall Jeweler’s customers have traded in their previously owned jewelry and obtained fair market value through the highly knowledgeable and expert assessment and valuation skills of the gemologists and goldsmiths. Through this ever changing inventory you are sure to find a style that you are wanting. Whether it is white gold, yellow gold or jewelry with diamonds, rubies or sapphire you will more than likely find it at Ed Marshall Jewelers and if you don’t regular follow up visits will no doubt mean you find it at one point as people are consistently selling their jewelry to the store.

Perhaps it is time for you to buy a watch as opposed to jewelry. There is still no reason that you have to visit the various branded stores in order to pick up a watch. Ed Marshall Jewelers also specialize in watches and sell a wide range of new and previously owned brands. Ed Marshall Jewelers are stockists of the exclusive Zenith and Ulysse Nardin ranges as well as many other brands from Franck Muller through to Technomarine. A very worthwhile event to attend where Ed Marshall Jewelers showcase their collection of new and previously owned watches is the Watchtober festival held every year in October. Not only will you get a chance to see the displays of their watches but will also get a chance to meet and discuss the collections with the executive management of some of the companies for which Ed Marshall Jewelers acts as distributors. Just this year Gerald Clerc of Clerc watches and representatives from Zenith Watches USA. Be sure to visit the Ed Marshall Jewelers next Watchtober festival to get some incredible insight into watch brands from around the world.

Again though you may not be looking for a new watch following the latest trends. In exactly the same way that Ed Marshall Jewelers buys jewelry from their customers, they do the same with watches. What this means for you is that at any one time, you can pick up a vintage watch from almost any brand from Rolex through to Patek Phillipe. Some of these watches are collector’s items given their rarity and age and are in high demand by collectors from around the world. Watches like these are not just to be worn exclusively on your wrist but can be an incredible investment opportunity that will possibly bring a substantial return in a few years’ time. If you are not a watch collector already, Ed Marshall Jewelers could well inspire you to take up this enormously rewarding hobby.

With over forty years of experience, Ed Marshall Jewelers is your premiere and exclusive supplier of new and previously owned jewelry and watches from around the world. They have established themselves through excellent customer service, renowned knowledge of the history, workmanship and trends in jewelry and watches and a workforce that has expert skills in the assessment and valuation of jewelry and watches. Visiting their Scottsdale based stores is a visit into the luxury and discerning and simply browsing through their collections is a treat on its own. But everybody deserves a piece of luxury on their wrist, around their necks or gently hanging from their ears. Whatever your preferred style, taste or choice of metal and stone, you will find it in Ed Marshall Jewelers. If you choose to buy from anyone of their stores around Scottsdale you will be walking out with something rare, exclusive and ultimately a taste of discernment and luxury.

Furthermore, when you felt that piece of jewelry or watch has spent enough time making a statement, or in fact any of the jewelry or watches that you own, then Ed Marshall Jewelers will buy that piece of jewelry or watch back from you. Ed Marshall Jewelers employs highly experienced gemologists and horologists that will accurately value your jewelry or watches based on globally accepted techniques and extensive knowledge of the markets for precious metals, gemstones and previously owned watches. These experts will thus give you one of the fairest prices in Arizona for your items providing you with cash to then buy your next statement in jewelry or watches. Their stores are designed to fit your needs and desires for luxury and exclusivity and the visit to one of their stores is an event in itself.

Ed Marshall Jewelers will satisfy your desire for your next piece of jewelry or your next watch. With locations around Scottsdale, there is one with in a quick drive from where you live if you are a Scottsdale resident. If you are travelling from elsewhere in Arizona or the country then a visit to their flagship store in the Shea Scottsdale Shopping Center is a must. Whether buying from Ed Marshall Jewelers or buying from them, you will leave a very satisfied customer.

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